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Majorca Airport ( Palma de Mallorca Aiport )

Also known as Aeropuerto de Palma de Mallorca in Spain, this airport in the eastern part of the country serves over 20 million passengers each year and is the third largest in the country. Terminals A and B were added in 1965 and 1972 respectively, and the main terminal was opened in 1997.


The airport itself can be broken up into four different modules. Module A consists of 28 gates and is used for travellers to and from non-Schengen countries including the UK and Ireland. Module B is the smallest in the airport and only Air Nostrum utilises these gates. Module C is the largest in Palma de Mallorca and uses 33 gates; 9 of which are airbridges. Module D is located in the south of the airport and contains 19 gates. This module is generally utilised for inter-European flights. It should be known that all odd numbered gates are used for bus transfer from the modules to the main terminals. From these terminals, visitors can be met and mass transit options are available.


There are a number of facilities located within the airport. There are two main lounges; one on the 4th floor in the departure area and another is located on the first floor in terminal B. These can be used for sleeping, business meetings or resting before or after a flight. The cost is roughly 20 Euros per hour. WiFi access is available throughout the airport, however a fee is included. This fee is waived should one wish to reserve time in one of the two lounges.

Wheelchair and walking-assisted areas abound and this airport contains handicapped accessible ramps and elevators.

There are numerous concession stands, however only the Medas restaurant is open 24 hours. It is located in the arrivals area on the ground floor.

Duty-free stores are located past security controls and are open during normal business hours (they will not close during the traditional Spanish siesta). There is also a children's play area located nearby, however it is partially closed for renovations at the present time.

There are no showers and no lockers for storing luggage although such facilities are planned for future renovations.

Numerous ATM machines and cash points are located throughout the airport. All can be found before entering security checkpoints.

A number of care hire kiosks are also available. These are all found on the ground floor before the security stations.

Contact Information

Paseo Ingeniero Gabriel Roca, 29
Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands

Tel Number: + 34 971 28 14 00

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